Morrissey Chemical World


"The whole implication [of Band Aid] was to save these people in Ethiopia, but who were they asking to save them? Some 13-year -old girl in Wigan. People like Thatcher and the royals could solve the Ethiopian problem in 10 seconds. But Band Aid shied away from saying that - for heaven's sake, it was almost directly aimed at unemployed people."
–March 1985

"Band Aid is the undiscussable, I'm afraid."
–Jan. 1985

"Nobody younger than Bob Geldof was allowed near the stage [at Live Aid] because otherwise The Boomtown Rats would have seemed like a collection of brontosauri."
–June 1986

"I heard George Michael's 'I Want Your Sex' quite recently in the car. I wasn't deeply impressed. I thought it sounded like Ponce, I mean Prince."

"Madonna reinforces everything absurd and offensive. Desperate womanhood. Madonna is closer to organised prostitution than anything else."
–June 1986

"For me Prince conveys nothing. The fact that he's successful in America is interesting simply because he's mildly fey and that hasn't happened before there. Boy George, again I think he really doesn't say anything either."
–June 1986

"If Prince came from Wigan he would have been slaughtered by now."
–Oct. 1986

"I detest Stevie Wonder."
–Sept. 1986

"I think Diana Ross is awful."
–Sept. 1986

"I hate all those records in the Top 40 - Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston. I think they're vile in the extreme."
–Sept. 1986

When asked about his favourite Thompson Twins record: "Is it possible to have one? Well, if I'm horribly tortured and flogged to admit it . . . I think I'd rather face further flogging."